A like-minded group of young men and women who love God and wish to do His will for our lives using gifts He has bestowed upon us while impacting the lives of others and shaping the destinies in love and in the power of God for the work of the ministry
In the year 2015, the Lord placed a burning passion in the heart of Kafui Ntow about the need to win souls for the Kingdom. Armed with this renewed fire, he shared the idea with two of his very good friends; Nana Baah and Kenneth. These friends, encouraged each other and prayed about it together. This served as the genesis for the ministry we see today. We believe that the main agenda of GC Camp in the fulfilment of the Commission of Jesus Christ is to develop spiritual giftings and callings of the youth , purposely for the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry and for the edifying of the body of Christ as mentioned by Apostle Paul in Ephesians 4:12.
It did not take long for young people who were willing and ready to be used by the Lord to be quickly recruited to join in the mission.A while later, we found ourselves on a mission trip to the Island of Patmos, Ada. God did not disappoint! and we thank Him so much for the opportunity to serve. After a couple of trips to Ada, we were more than convinced about how God was readily prepared to use us mightily on the mission ground. It was revealed that indeed, all power and authority has been given onto us to cause a TRANSFORMATION in our generation. Our First 12 hour ;Gifting and Callings Camp served as an opportunity to bring several people together to impart the value of building capacity and using the gifts given to us to reach out. This took place in the month of September in 2015, at the Ghana Baptist House, Akbelenkpe. We recorded a total number of about 250 people present to share fellowship with us. A lot was learnt, people were anointed, renewed in spirit, and equipped to work in the manifestation of the gifting of God upon our lives. Strange encounters, powerful and mind blowing testimonies are all reminders of what God has done and is yet to do for us. May His name be praised. By God’s grace we recently ended (30th July, 2016) our second annual camp. We had an overflow at the venue.. All glory and praise is given unto God. It is not about us but rather that we do the will of the father who has sent us. Every soul is important to God. Lets have the same value that Jesus places on every soul and do the work effectively.

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